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Leon Han, Game Programmer

I am a generalist C++ programmer with interest and knowledge in a broad range of game programming topics.  I have spent a large amount of my programming career on physics and architecture, but I also have experience in graphics, AI, and network programming.  As a recent graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology in the RTIS degree, I have worked on four major game projects from start to finish, three of which were developed in teams of four programmers each with the occasional artist.

  • C/C++, C#, Lua, MSSQL, XML
  • 3D physics simulation and game physics engines
  • DirectX 9, HLSL, OpenGL, GLSL, particle systems and shader-based effects
  • Various AI and pathfinding algorithms
  • Component-based framework architecture
  • Reliable UDP implementations

P.S. Executables for any project or demo are available upon request.

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