Psykik: 2D side-scrolling action platformer using psychic powers to demolish enemies.

School year: Sophomore
Team size: First 4 months – 3-4 programmers (4 programmers during the first half of development, 3 programmers during the second half)
Development time: 8 months
Languages: C++

This was the 2D game made during my sophomore year at DigiPen.  My roles in this project included:

  • Developing the component-based architecture for the game engine
  • Writing the platformer physics including collision resolution of objects against the map and collision resolution on moving platforms
  • Creating the hierarchical AI for all enemies and the boss
  • Implementing game play logic for the player, enemies, and two of the three psychic powers
  • Implementing UI elements including health bars for enemies, score, timers, and level objectives
  • Co-authoring the game’s GDD
  • Acting as the producer for the team, compiling weekly status reports of the project’s progress, and maintaining the production schedule

2D Side scrolling action platformer using psychic powers to demolish enemies

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