Lux: Third-person 3D puzzle exploration game where you are trapped in a brilliant but pitch-dark crystal cavern and must solve light-based puzzles to light up your surroundings.

School year: Junior
Team size: 4 programmers + 4 artists
Development time: 9 months
Languages: C++, Lua

This was the 3D game made during my junior year at DigiPen.  My roles in this project included:

  • Designing, implementing, and integrating the 3D physics engine
  • Co-authoring game play logic in both C++ and Lua including the blooming mushroom trails, light rays/crystal logic, and victory conditions
  • Integrating an A* algorithm on a nav mesh of the level to guide players in the earlier puzzles
  • Designing level layouts and concepts
  • Writing the game’s GDD
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