Straight Lines

Straight Lines: A top-down 2D bullet hell shooter with an emphasis placed on vibrant bullet patterns.

School year: Senior
Team size: 1 programmer
Development time: 6 months (ongoing)
Languages: C++, Lua

This is an independent game made in my senior year at DigiPen.  Rather than working on another team project, I chose to do an independent project for my senior year so that I could cover some of the aspects of making a game that I haven’t had as much exposure to.  In particular, this meant implementing graphics and tools for a game.  While I had created a number of graphics demos before, this was the first game project that I’ve personally implemented a graphics engine into.  Some of the features that I’ve worked on in this game include:

  • Architecting a component-based framework
  • Implementing an input handler using windows raw input
  • Implementing a graphics engine using DirectX 9
  • Integrating TinyXML for parsing data files
  • Integrating Lunar for Lua binding
  • Designing and developing event-based game logic for game objects and bullet emitters
  • Creating a replay system allowing players to review their game experiences
  • Creating UI and menu functionality
  • Developing an in-game debugger console that features high level profiling, multiple debug printing categories, altering game events, and running arbitrary Lua chunks
  • Designing all levels and bullet patterns

Also, check out that great loading screen!

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