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Technical Skills

  • Languages: C/C++, C#, Lua, MSSQL, XML
  • Physics: Written both impulse-based and constraint-based 3D rigid body physics engines with ray tracing and gameplay functionality and optimizations
  • Graphics: DirectX 9, HLSL, OpenGL 3, GLSL, various graphical and shader-based effects, scripted particle systems
  • AI: Finite state machines, A* path finding, hierarchical AI, flow field-based movement and decision making, fuzzy logic, flocking concepts, random dungeon generators
  • Networking: TCP/IP, Winsock, scaling architecture, reliable UDP
  • Audio: FMOD
  • Debugging: Unit testing, Structured Exception Handling, memory debugging, logging and journaling techniques, profiling
  • IDEs and tools: Visual Studio 2005/2008, CodeWarrior, SVN


Straight Lines
2010 – Present
DigiPen student project
2D Bullet Hell Shooter
  • Architected the game engine and all core systems
  • Implemented gameplay and polished levels
  • Created in-game debugger system
Student Wii demo
Summer 2010
DigiPen student project
Independent self-study project using basic functionality of the Nintendo Wii
  • Implemented lighting and shadow mapping using the Wii graphics API
  • Developed gesture recognition system using the Nintendo Wii remote
2009 – 2010
DigiPen student project
3D Light-based Puzzle Platformer
  • Implemented 3D rigid body physics engine with ray casting
  • Co-authored level layouts and gameplay
  • Performed as Game Designer and created the GDD
2008 – 2009
DigiPen student project
2D Action Platformer
  • Designed and developed core component-based framework, physics, gameplay, and AI
  • Performed as team Producer, compiling weekly production reports and maintaining the project schedule
Raid the Crypt
2007 – 2008
DigiPen student project
Text-based dungeon crawler
  • Integrated random dungeon generator and search distance functionality
  • Co-authored gameplay
  • Performed as team Tech Director, writing the TDD


Lead Instructor and Teaching Assistant
Summer 2009, Summer 2010
DigiPen ProjectFUN Summer Workshops
Redmond, WA
  • Lead taught courses in Introduction to Video Game Programming in C++ and C# to groups of 16-24 high school students
  • Assisted in hands-on teaching of smaller groups of students


Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation
DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
GPA: 3.79

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